Creating custom flash menu:

Step1: Open New document in flash (Ctrl + N)

Step2: Select first frame, right-click and paste the below code in first frame

code contains explanations

var con:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();//The ContextMenu class provides runtime control over the items in the Flash Player context menu, which appears when a user right-clicks (Windows) or Control-clicks (Macintosh) on Flash Player.
con.hideBuiltInItems();//Hides all built-in menu items (except Settings) in the specified ContextMenu object
var new_menu:ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("sara_blog", fun);//creating new menu item-fun is the event handler called on click
con.customItems.push(new_menu);//adding the new item to context menu
function fun() {
getURL("","_blank")//calling new url on click
} = con;//Associates the ContextMenu object con

your are done now run flash and right click

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Anonymous said...

swf files linking and a transition must play before opening the each swf file while clicked on the button

Anonymous said...

This doesnt work in Flash CS3.

Saravanan said...


This is for Actionscript 2.0...


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