Iframe Virus:

Last week my system was affected by Mallicious Iframe in all html, php files...
I removed by following steps and posted here...

To remove Iframe virus in (HTML,PHP,ASP,..) files

step1: start->Run type "taskmgr" without quotes.

Step2: Use Task Manager to terminate the worm process (it may be called "spoclsv.exe").

step3: open winrar.exe drive icon in bottom-left corner select c:
there will be setup.exe and autorun.inf
delete this files...

step4: Repeat above step to delete virus in all drives ..

Note:Virus will be hidden and folder option to change hidden files will be corrupted..

step5: Delete the following parameters from the system registry .
"Svcshare" = "%System%\drivers\spoclsv.exe"

"Svcshare" = "%System%\drivers\spoclsv.exe"
Note:type "regedit" in Run utility..HKCU(HKEY_CURRENT_USER),HKLM(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)

Delete the following file:

step7: Download and install Ravmon Removal.exe to restore settings

step8: Restart..and download and install Antivirus kaspersky trial..

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Richard said...

If you have same problem on your hosting server where you can't download and install those kind of things then i would suggest to read this post

you can remove that iframe virus from your hosting as well


amit_gupta said...

remove iframe virus

RITU said...

hi friend,

i'm also facing same problem ya, if u receive any solution pls mail me,

SaschArt said...

Clean Web Site at can help to anybody

Marin said...

i got infected as well by iframe virus --- :(((

php puli said...

sir am running a joomla project on a linux server.How can i cleanup the iframe.inf virus from the server itself?


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