Using FaderFileMaterial to create Slideshow

The aim of this tutorial is to create slideshow using the FaderAPI.

FaderAPI can be used to create Flash Slideshow within few steps. FaderAPI contains Fader Class and FaderFileMaterial classes to load and animate external Image and SWF files.

Some exciting features of the Slideshow are as follows

• Ability of handling Image and SWF together.
• SWF may also be an animated file.
• No Need of Preloader- Since the animation will not happens until the next file is loaded.
• Customized events to handle the Slideshow

Beginners to Medium


Here we are going to use the FaderFileMaterial to create slideshow.
FaderFileMaterial is a Class under FaderAPI, to load external contents like Image, SWF and animate them.
Now this makes the loading external content easier and animating them.

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